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We ensure that you get the best possible gaming and user experience with AimTweaks.
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Providing quality services at reliable prices is the cornerstone of our business.
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Are you tired of poor quality and slow customer support? Using Discord, you can receive 1:1 support in real-time.


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Just got my PC optimized by AimTweaks and it's running MEGA clean now. Also got my Nvidia problem fixed which I have had for a sick long time. If you want to optimize your PC, I can 100% recommend AimTweaks 🤩
Twitter (Translated)
Back from vacation with a new computer and a delicious PC optimization from AimTweaks. Have never had such a smooth a PC before, it feels so nice. Finally, check him out if you want more out of your gear! 😍
Emilio Kislo
Twitter (Translated)
Many thanks to AimTweaks for optimizing my PC! Never have I experienced such an easy process, with such a distinguished result. Can definitely recommend contacting him!
Twitter (Translated)

High quality products built in a short time

We care about our customers and their time, therefore we aim to deliver high quality products in the shortest possible time.

Happy customers

We get really involved in every single customer we work with. As a result, every client benefits greatly.



Founder and head of AimTweaks
My name is Abbas, I'm 19 years old and the founder of AimTweaks.
I work daily with gaming PCs. I'm probably spending time finding new methods, tweaks, and other goodies for Windows so I can make sure my customers get the maximum performance on their gaming desktop.
My main purpose with AimTweaks is to make all my customers happy and give them the best possible gaming experience they have ever had!

Isn't it the perfect time to get an optimization by AimTweaks today, so you can be a part of the community. 🙂